Books by Dr. Terry Wardle

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Untamed Christian
Unleashed Church

The Extravagance
of the Holy Spirit
in Life and Ministry

Also available on iTunes

Strong Winds &
Crashing Waves

Meeting Jesus in
the memories of
traumatic events


How to find wholeness
and inner healing
in Christ

Healing Care
Healing Prayer

Helping the broken find
wholeness in Christ

Also available on iTunes

Draw Close
to the Fire

Finding God in
the darkness

Outrageous Love
Transforming Power

How the Holy Spirit
shapes you into the
likeness of Christ

The Transforming Path
A Christ-centered approach
to spiritual formation

Helping Others
on the Journe
A Guide for those who
seek to mentor others
to maturity in Christ

One to One
A Practical Guide
to Friendship Evangelism

The Soul's Journey
into God's Embrace


A More
Excellent Way

A Journal of
Personal Growth
(compiled by
Terry Wardle)


Now Available as eBooks

     Draw Close to the Fire | Available on iTunes
     Strong Winds & Crashing Waves | Available on iTunes 
     Untamed Christian, Unleashed Church | Available on iTunes   
     Coming Soon: Untamed Christian, Unleashed Church | Kindle eBooks

Out of Print

     Exalt Him! Designing Dynamic Worship Services
     Whispers of Love in Seasons of Fear - Available as PDF Here


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