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Healing Care Ministries is dedicated to equipping Christian caregivers to help broken people find freedom and wholeness in Christ. Integrating Formational Prayer and Transformational Spiritual Direction, Healing Care provides seminars, conferences, and various other resources designed to empower caregivers as healing servants of the Lord.

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Christians are desperate for intimacy with the Lord. While grateful for all He has done, we long to encounter His presence in our daily lives. Amazingly, God desires the same relationship with us, and He has made it possible for us to live in His presence, love and generosity with every breath we take.

This book is designed to help you experience intimacy with God in your daily life. It presents a simple, yet effective, spiritual practice that raises awareness of the abiding presence of the Lord in what has been called ''the sacrament of the present moment."

Every Breath We Take will give you a deeper understanding of God's presence, love, and generosity, and provide you with a pathway to encounter him in deep and transforming moment-by-moment encounters.

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We have some exciting news to share about changes in the educational requirements for application to the Certificate in Formational Prayer program. By Ashland Theological Seminary standards, we are now able to accept participants into the certificate program who have a Bachelor’s degree. So, if you have been interested in the program, but have not been able to participate due to the previous pre-requisite (Master's degree), you are now eligible to apply! For more information, click here. 

For a referral list of Formational Prayer Caregivers around the country, click here. 

The Healing Place (Mechanicsville/Richmond, Virginia)

This ministry built upon the belief that the Church is to be a "healing place" for a hurting world, is a ministry of healing, compassion and care for the broken. To accomplish this, we believe God is bringing together like-minded pastors, Christian counselors and congregational care ministers who have a burden for reaching out to the lost, the broken and hurting of this world. Concerned about their wholeness and well-being, it is a vision of churches establishing themselves as a healing place, filled with compassion that offers healing for the broken - that reaches out with hope to the poor, oppressed, marginalized and forgotten. For more information about The Healing Place, click the link above to visit their website.

Terry's Journal

Where is Jesus right now? He is seated at the right hand of the Father.    Read More »


"I believe Formational Prayer is the most effective method for helping hurting people allow the Holy Spirit to bring them into true transformation and empowerment. Upon completion of Dr. Terry Wardle’s seminar, I began to see the clients in my practice receive the same incredible healing power that I am so grateful to have experienced first hand."    Read More »
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